Select Tesla Vehicles will require a pin to drive

Select Tesla Vehicles will require a pin to drive

Aimed at combating the theft of cars through key fob hacking, the option will not allow a user to drive the car until the correct PIN (personal identification number) has been entered on the infotainment screen.

The feature can be activated through the Controls and Safety & Security sub-menus, where owners will be prompted to create the private PIN.

The addition comes alongside the upgrading of the key fob cryptography for the Model S, up to the standard used in the Model X, making it harder to hack. An upgrade for Model S owners to the new cryptography is offered, for those with the older key fob.’

PIN to Drive was another update completed over the air by Tesla to its cars - an innovation that has left many manufacturers scrambling to emulate its success. The Volkswagen Group is developing its own over-the-air update system, with future models from Porsche, SkodaSeat, and Volkswagen all tipped to feature the system.

The PIN to Drive feature is only available so far on the Model S and Model X, but it will be made available on the brand’s entry-level Model 3 in the future.

Source: Autocar

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